Broadcasting in the UK

Radio and TV Broadcasting is provided in the United Kingdom by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and by independent broadcasters who were regulated by The Radio Authority and the Independent Television Commission (ITC). Overall control of all radio spectrum usage in the UK was is the hands of the Radiocommunications Agency. The function of all these regulators have now been taken of by the Office of Communications (Ofcom)

Transmission of broadcast radio and TV is mostly handled by Crown Castle International (now part of National Grid Transco), formerly Castle Transmission International (CTI), and before that part of the BBC, and ntl:, formerly National Transcommunications Limited and before that part of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), whose regulatory role passed to the ITC.

Technical information is available from BBC Reception Advice.

Digital Radio and TV is making itself known in the UK. Information on Digital TV is available from the Digital Television Group (DTG), while the TV Transmitter Adjustment Programme (now completed) has details of progress in building the network and changes to existing analogue services.

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